Jithmi Fernando

Gender woman
Seeking man
Age 39
Country Sri Lanka
City Wattala
Mother TongueSinhala
EducationHigh School + Diploma
Salary (LKR)No Income
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I would like to consider myself as a loving ,friendly ,open hearted n honest. As well as someone who looks at life with optimism .

I am presently living separately with my kids n my divorce is ongoing. I am a mother who loves my children dearly. I have two little girls .

My marriage broke down because of someone who was not honest n did not speak openly . Marriage is a noble bond. I can no longer live alone .Im not someone who is trapped in tradition but always respect it.

Im looking for a partner someone with a good education ,genuine ,honest , lovable n who can care of me n kids over the lifetime. want to spend the life happily n in harmony .

For that i promise to be a wife who fulfills all duties responsibly n lovingly .

And i think a divorced person is more suitable for me.

Send honest answers .

Thank u !