About Us

MatchMaker.lk is a brand new and modern marriage proposals service in Sri Lanka. We created to offer a best, feature-oriented, and easy to use matrimonial service site for Sri Lankans who are living worldwide.

Please note: At this moment all the services & features on the site 100% free to use. All you need to do is create a free member account.

We know that there many liyathabara or marriage proposal websites but most of them are:

  • Fake service
  • Does not have visibility in search engines & social networks
  • Service is not maintained or supported
  • Charging high price for membership
  • Website design & functions are ancient
  • Does not support all the devices
  • Does not contain modern and latest features
  • and more.

These are the reason motivated us because we wanted to fix all the issues with the current services available in the market. That’s why we created MatchMaker.lk to help you to find your ideal life partner, and for that we provide:

  • 100% unlimited free usage of our system and it’s functionalities
  • Both basic and advanced search & filtering for profiles
  • Ability to add a profile and other pictures to your profiles
  • A website which will work from any devices
  • Advanced & interactive profiles
  • Advanced Privacy settings according to your wish
  • Ability to favorite and shortlist the profiles you like
  • Ability to send free virtual gifts to members
  • Ability to send free private messages to members
  • Built-in Live chat with live notifications
  • Social account integration
  • A wedding directory (coming soon)
  • Mobile app for android and IOS. (coming soon)

MatchMaker.lk is for everyone:

  • Whether you’re looking to find your life partner.
  • Whether you’re father or mother searching for a life partner for your son or daughter.
  • Whether you’re a brother or a sister who is looking to find siblings their perfect life partner.
  • Whether you’re a friend to help your best friend out.

Our service not just limited to Sri Lanka; instead, it’s for all the Sri Lankan who live worldwide. We also support foreigners who are interested in Sri Lankan brides and grooms.

At MatchMaker.lk, we have no boundaries, and we support all countries, including the United States, Australia, India, United Kingdom, and more. It does not matter that you’re life partner is 10000s of KMs away with the help of our platform you will find him or her.

However, please note that most other online matrimony and dating site’s primary purpose is casual dating. But we offer our services to individuals who are looking for a long term serious life partners. So if you are only interested in casual dating, then this service is not for you.

To ensure a high level of quality, we will review each profile according to the availability of our resources. So any spammer’s profile will be deleted so only real profiles will remain. We also advise and appreciate to report profile suspicious to us through [email protected], and we will try to take immediate actions on those profiles.

We respect the user’s privacy, so we never share phone numbers and emails with other members. We have even taken a step further to give more privacy options for you on your profile section, including what information do you want to make public and to whom.