Frequently Asked Question – FAQ

We have created this page to help the visitors and users of the website to understand and guide them on the various core processes on the website.

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What is is a modern and brand new marriage proposals portal in Sri Lanka for all the Sri Lankan living worldwide.

Who is behind the is a project developed and managed Maxinium

What does’s purpose?

We offer a free and easy to use the online portal to find and interact with your prospective brides and grooms by connecting individuals all over the world to help you find your loving life partner.

Does have a mobile app?

It’s currently under development, and we plan to support both IOS and Andriod. However, in the meantime, our website is fully responsive, so it will look and function great on any devices including mobile, tv, tablet, laptop, desktop, and more.

What functions does provide?

Please note all of the below functions will be 100% free until 2020.

  • Advanced Profiles Search
  • Fully Profile Details
  • Advanced Privacy Settings
  • Support Profile Picture and Other Pictures.
  • Favorite and Shortlist Profiles.
  • Send Free Virtual Gifts to Members
  • Private Messages
  • Built-in Live Chat with Live Notifications
  • Social Login
  • And More.

How to stay safe (Important)?

The reason we built this website is that we wanted to provide a comfortable but very safe platform to help with your bride and groom search.

Here are some safety and recommend steps to use our site effectively:

  • Use virtual gifts, messages, and chat to express your interest and if that person is also interested, he or she will contact you back through the website itself either by live chat or messaging.
  • Don’t give out your email or phone number or address until you are satisfied. You can first start with our message platform then move on to the live chat then if you’re happy to move forward you can either take the conversation to phone or email.
  • Never try to meet anyone for the first time in a private place instead when it’s time to meet then pick a public place to add an extra layer to your security.
  • Never send money or physical gifts to anyone who asks for it since there might be someone who maybe only after scamming. (If those profiles are reported with proof then we will delete the account & ban the IP & if the same person is repeating this then we will inform the relevant authorities in Sri Lanka)
    Our goal is to provide a unique platform to find your life partner and considering the above points, and you will stay safe. If you have any complaints, please send a message to [email protected]

When someone messages me, where does the message go, and how do I respond?

When a member sends you a message or live chat message, it goes straight into your onsite Inbox then we will send an email to your email address to let you know that it’s there.

To read the message, simply login to your account and go to your messages. If you decide to write back, type the message, and send it back. Your message will go straight into the member’s onsite Inbox, and we’ll let them know it’s there with an email to their email address.

All communications with other members stay onsite so that you never have to give out any personal information until you feel entirely ready. Then when you are, you can exchange phone numbers and even meet in person.

How do I improve my chances of finding a match?

Try to fill all the profile fields and description clearly and accurately. Enter your expectations clearly and thoroughly. Add your photo to your profile and other images to get a better response.

How can I create a new account?

Step 1: Click on the register button on the header

register button on the header

Step 2: Fill in the Details

fill the register details

  1. Username: Fill in the username (unique to each member and it’s used to login to the’s portal)
  2. Email: Fill in your valid email address (this does not show to other members and only used to send essential notifications to you)
  3. Password: Set a password for your account (longer and stronger password will offer more protection to your account)
  4. Repeat Password: Retype the password you typed to confirm it.
  5. Type the letters and numbers you see in the image.
  6. Click on the “Register” button (if there are any problems it will be showing a helpful message on how to solve it)

Step 4: Go to your email address and click on the activation link to verify your account.

click on registration link

Step 5: That’s it you have created your account in less than a minute.

account created sucessfully

How can I login to my account?

sign in to your account

Step 1: Sign In Button: Click on the Button, and a Popup will open.
Step 2: Type in the details.

  1. Type in your username
  2. Type in your password

Step 3: 2nd Sign In Button: Click on it to log in to your profile. (if there are any problems it will be shown with a helpful message on how to solve it).

How can I search for profiles?

Option 1: Basic search from homepage.

basic search on homepage

  1. Select your gender.
  2. Select who you’re seeking.
  3. Select your partner’s minium age.
  4. Select your partner’s maxinium age.

Finally click the button called “Find My Matches” to search your members.

Option 2: Advanced search from all profiles and sidebar.

advanced members search

(Please note that if you didn’t select any value for certain field then that filter will be ignored.)

  1. Select your gender.
  2. Select who you’re seeking.
  3. Select your partner’s country.
  4. Select your partner’s country’s city.
  5. Select your partner’s minium age.
  6. Select your partner’s maxinium age.
  7. Select your partner’s living status.
  8. Select your partner’s mother tongue.
  9. Select your partner’s religion.
  10. Select your partner’s education.
  11. Select your partner’s job.
  12. Select your partner’s salary in LKR.
  13. Select your partner’s height.

Finally, click the button called “Find My Matches” to search your members.

How can I change my account’s password?

Step 1: Sign in to your account.

sign in to your account

Step 2: Go to my settings pages

account my settings

  1. Enter your new password in the “New Password” field.
  2. Re-enter your password in the “Confirm Password” field.
  3. Enter your current password in the profiles page.

Step 3: Click on the “Save Changes” button to save the password.

I have forgotten the username or password. Now, what should I do?

password reset 1

Step 1: Sign In Button: Click on the Button, and a Popup will open.
Step 2: Padlock Icon: Click on the lock icon to open up another Popup.

password reset 2

Step 3: Email: Fill in the email you entered while creating the account.

password reset 3

Step 4: Reset Password Button: Click on the reset password button.

password reset 4

Step 5: Password Reset Email: You will receive an email with the password reset link.

password reset 5

Step 6: Click on the link and enter your new password. and You’re done.

In case if you can remember your email or if you have any more problems, then please send an email to [email protected], and we will look into the issue.

Why should you fill your profile with correct and valid information?

Anyone to be interested in you, they will need to know everything about you through the profile. Otherwise, they might ignore you, or we will delete in-completed profiles after a 1-week time limit.

Also, you need to fill your profile with real information because you are in search of a life partner who understands you so proving false information will only waste your time and your prospective’s time.

Please note if we received a valid report on false information on the profile, then we will take necessary actions. (You can report this to us through [email protected])

How to add & edit profile details?

Step 1: Login into your account.

sign in to your account

Step 2: Fill the following details.

how to add or edit profile details

  1. Profile Photo: Click on Change Photo and Select a photo and upload it. (It’s the main photo shown everywhere)
  2. First Name: Is Your First Name
  3. Last Name: Last Name and it’s also known as a family name.
  4. Gender: Select Your Gender
  5. Seeking: Select Your Prospective’s Gender.
  6. Age: Select Your Age:
  7. Country: Select the country you live in.
  8. City: Type the City in Country.
  9. Status: Select your current living situation.
  10. Mother Tongue: Select your first language
  11. Religion: Select the religion you follow.
  12. Education: Select Your Education Level.
  13. Job: Select Your Job Sector
  14. Salary: Select Your Estime Job Salary for a month in LKR.
  15. Height: Select your height.
  16. About me box: Here you explain or add any information which you think should let know any prospective candidates. There is no word limit here, and it will also allow to bold and italics to highlight important information. It also consists of undo and redo options to make edits.

Step 3: One you will the details you can click on the “Save Changes” button. and You’re Done.

How to add more photos to my profile?

Step 1: Sign in to your account.

sign in to your account

Step 2: Photos Tab: Go to the Photos Section

my photos in your account

Step 3: Click on the “+” Icons and choose your photos and upload them.

upload other photos to your account

Step 4: Save Changes Button: Click on it to save the changes you made.

Why it’s essential to upload my photo along with my profile?

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Adding your picture is one of the most critical aspects of your profile.

According to our records, it increases your chances up to 100 times. Most members won’t even visit a profile without a picture.

Also, it is safe to add a photograph also we have privacy controls in case you want to control for who should want to show the photos.

How to favorite someone?

how to favorite from profiles

All you need to do is click on the heart icon, and they will be favorited. The heart icon also will be highlighted, so you will know you have favorited.

You can see all the people you have favorited in your profile. The person you have favorited also will get a notification when you do it.

How can I send a free virtual gift?

Click on the gift icon in the profile.

send virtual gift step 1

Select the gift icon you want to send (We will be adding more soon).

send virtual gift step 2

Finally, click on “Send Gift” to send it.

The receiver will get notifications about the gift you sent, and the gift will also appear on their profile.

How to send a private message?

send private message step 1

Click on the envelope icon in the profile.

send private message step 2

Then in the loaded page type your message.

send private message step 3

Finally, press “Send Message” to send it to the recipient.

How to start chatting with another user?

Click on the message icon on the profile.

start chatting step 1

Type your message and send it.

start chatting step 2

If the user is online, it will show them immediately.

If the user is offline, we will send him or her a notification and the message will be visible when he or she logs back.

start chatting step 3

How to Ignore user's messages and chat?

When you received a message or chat and if you want to ignore then click on the “Ignore User” button and you will be done.

ignore user

At any point, if you want to reverse the action then press the “Unignore User” to revert it.

unignore the user

How to delete my account?

Step 1: Sign in to your account
Step 2: “X” button: Scroll down till you find a button with “X” next to save changes and click on it.

delete profile step 1

Step 3: “Delete Profile” Button: Click on it to delete your profile including profile information, chat history, message history, membership plan history, photos, virtual gifts and any features we may add in the future.

delete profile step 2

(Please note deleting an account is irreversible so once you deleted an account then you won’t be able to recover it).

How to see my membership type?

Step 1: Sign in to your account
Step 2: Go to My Membership Page

my membership information

Step 3: In there, you will be able to see all the information such as type, expiration date, live chat, messages to send, photos to upload, gifts to send, and more.

How to adjust my profile’s privacy settings?

Step 1: Sign in to your account
Step 2: Go to my settings page
Step 3: Below are fields relating to your privacy settings

privacy settings on matchmaker

  1. Favorites are Visible to Is to let you know whether my favorites should be visible to everyone or only to my favorites or show only to me.
  2. Photos are visible to You can show the images to everybody or only to your favorites or show only to me.
  3. Gifts are visible to Control whether you want to show the gifts received to everyone or favorites or only to me.
  4. Since these are administrative settings, you need to enter your current password to save the changes.

Step 4: Save Changes button: Click on the Save changes button

How can I adjust email notifications?

Step 1: Sign in to your account
Step 2: Go to “My Settings” page.

mail notfication settings

Step 3: In there, you will find a field called Email notifications, and there you could choose several options such as:
-Messages and Gifts

Step 4: Save Changes button: Click on the Save changes button.

Since these are administrative settings, you need to enter your current password to save the changes.

How should I suggest a suggestion or provide feedback?

If you have feedback or suggestion, then we will be happy to hear it and will try to utilize your advice. Please send your feedback and suggestions to [email protected]

What should I do if I see an offensive post or information on the site?

If you have noticed anything on the site that you believe is a violation, then please send an email to [email protected]

I can’t find an answer to my question or problem?

You can write to us at [email protected], and we will help you out.