Do and Donts for Online Dating in Sri Lanka

In the old days, it was all about making the first impression. NOW, the first impression may matter, but the art of making a good first impression has changed considerably.

With the advent of Sri Lankan online dating, you do not have to check your lipstick, instead you to check if there are typos in your profile.

And how can you tell if the guy who sounds so great on ‘paper’ is the real thing? Most importantly, once you and a cyber beau click, when and how can you move it offline?

Be the First

Feel free to initiate contact with a potential Mr. Wonderful. As in real life, male online daters commonly make the first move, so a note from an attractive woman will highlight his day.

Keep it short but include something that shows you relate to his particulars. Like, “I was drawn to your love of swing dancing.” He wants to feel singled out, not receive a cookie-cutter response that could be sent to every man on the site.


Avoid using caps in your emails. Also, beware of men who communicate via ‘winks,’ one-word responses, and ‘collect calls.’

All such people should be avoided with a bargepole.


Top tacky transgressions in online dating also include asking for a picture immediately. Says online dater, Sheba, “Obviously looks are important, and you should expect the other person will want a photo.

But when the first thing a respondent asks is, ‘Do you have a picture?’, I’m forewarned.

I also think people should be more casual in their mails, not using LOL and smileys all the time.”

Just Say No

You may be spoilt for choice, but that doesn’t mean you keep him hanging. Send an acknowledgment along the lines, “I’m happy that such a great guy wants to know me a little better.

Unfortunately, I don’t see us as compatible. But thank you so much for writing and best of luck.”

Honesty’s the Best Policy

The information you choose to reveal needs to be rationed. Don’t lie, but don’t tell too much too soon.

A little mystery is better than a long soap opera with all the details. Give the essentials with a positive spin.

Move to the next step

Resist the temptation to get caught up in an online love affair where each of you writes lengthy and intimate life histories.

How many emails should it take before you get together? Experts suggest that there’s no sense in prolonging the emailing process; just meet as soon as possible.

Meeting up after two or three reciprocated emails may just be best so that you know where you stand.

Once you meet him and like him, but don’t hear from him within a few days, it’s fine to shoot off a quick email.

Like, “Thanks for the drink and the fun company. I really enjoyed meeting you.” He’ll either contact you for a date or not. If he doesn’t, it’s best to cut your losses and move on.

And if you do not like the guy, and he keeps bugging for a return engagement. Just send a quick note: “While I truly enjoyed meeting you, I just didn’t feel we were compatible enough to pursue a relationship. But I wish you all the best.”

Armed with these rules, you could soon be meeting your ideal cyber mate.

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